Borosilicate Glass Beads

Colorful lentils made from borosilicate glass rods

These colorful sets will be used to create unique bracelets and necklaces adorned with solid sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and handmade Bali silver.

It took me about three days to create these beads (6 hours a day). Once I get started on the torch, it’s very hard to stop – I feel relaxed and completely centered. It’s my time. But, it only takes someone to say, “What’s for dinner,” for the euphoria to come to an abrupt end!

I have a vast collection of borosilicate rods to make borosilicate glass beads.  When my lampworking day begins, I sit in front of my cabinet of rods and let my mood depict which colors to choose.

While there are many options of glass to use while lampworking, it is important to me that I create durable jewelry. Borosilicate glass is beautiful and will endure the countless responsibilities we as moms, wives and business owners experience.

Borosilicate glass

  • … has a lower COE (coefficient of thermal expansion) than soft glass
  • …does not crack as easily as soft glass
  • …is used to create laboratory glassware, sculptures and kitchenware
  • …was used to coat the thermal insulation tiles on the Space Shuttle.

This glass has many unique abilities to transform into brilliant colors. Even though the heat of the torch must be higher and the manipulation involved in shaping the beads is much more involved – it’s all worth it to create these elegant yet durable glass beads.


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