Denise Ward Design’s Bi-Monthly Jewelry Giveaway

Denise Ward Design’s Bi-Monthly Jewelry Giveaway celebrates the coming of Fall.  One of my favorite Fall holidays is Halloween and these earrings are just perfect for it!  You get to choose whether they have orange or purple Swarovski crystals!  Remember, if you have already registered for a past Giveaway and haven’t won, you are already in the running to win!

Handmade Swarovski Sterling Pumpkin Earrings – made with Swarovski crystals (in either orange or purple) and intricately detailed sterling pumpkins. Earring length is approximately 1-1/2″.

Halloween Swarovski Sterling Pumpkin Earrings

Swarovski Sterling Pumpkin Earrings

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Denise Ward Design’s Announces New Etsy Shop

Denise Ward Design’s announces new Etsy Shop.  After several months of preparation, Denise Ward is excited to announce the opening of her new Etsy Shop.  Both my Denise Ward Design’s site and my new Etsy Shop offer a unique selection of quality, handmade jewelry.  My pieces are meticulously made with attention to detail in every stage of construction.  AAA quality gemstones, sterling silver and 14K gold-filled metals create beautiful heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime.  Visit my sites for gift-giving needs or to just ‘treat’ yourself!!


The Beauty of Marcasite

In this world of self-adornment, marcasite remains a mystery to many people.  While pearls, diamonds, amethysts and numerous other precious gems are easily identifiable, people are unfamiliar with this increasingly popular stone.

Mined all over the world, the mineral iron sulfide is identified by the name marcasite.  However, since genuine marcasite is extremely delicate and crumbles easily, iron pyrite has also been given the name marcasite and is used as a substitute for iron sulfide in todays jewelry.  Iron sulfide and iron pyrite have the same mineral properties, however, their crystallization is different.  When this gem is used in jewelry, it is usually cut into the shape of a pyramid.  Marcasite has few commercial uses.


The history of marcasite goes back hundreds of years.  Ancient Greeks were known to adorn themselves with marcasite jewelry and at Incan burial grounds in Peru, South America, archaeologists have discovered many examples of  iron pyrite jewelry.  The gem was also very popular in the Victorian era .

Carnelian Marcasite Sterling Silver Necklace

Marcasite jewelry has an incredible vintage, antique appearance.  A lot of people purchase it for its ‘estate jewelry’ look.  Marcasite is most often set in silver or another white metal due to the stunning combination it makes.  Very seldom is it set in gold.

In caring for your marcasite jewelry, it is very important not to get it wet.  This can result in stones becoming loose and falling out of their setting.  Always remember to remove your marcasite jewelry before any activity that involves water.  Gently wiping your jewelry with a soft, dry cloth will remove any tarnish and keep the stones clean.