The Colors of Spring and Summer 2013

Here they are, the colors of Spring and Summer 2013!  Ten beautiful colors to compliment your every fashion need.  Emerald has been voted in as Pantone’s “Color of the Year” for 2013.  The other colors consist of beautiful neutrals such as Linen (a favorite of mine), Dusk Blue and Grayed Jade. Bright colors consist of Lemon Zest, Emerald, Nectarine, African Violet and Tender Shoots (a fresh, yellowish green).  The neutrals will compliment the brights beautifully with the anchoring color of Monaco Blue!

Prepare to see these colors everywhere; the fashion runways, interior design, jewelry and formal events such as weddings, to name just a few.

The possibilities for mixing gemstones and clothing are endless this year.  It will not be as difficult to compliment your outfit with the right jewelry pieces this year as in past years!

Here are some great gemstone matches for 2013’s colors!

COLOR – EMERALD – A deep intense blue-green

emerald, malachite, green onyx, apatite, tourmaline

COLOR – LEMON ZEST – Bright yellow, like a lemon

topaz, lemon quartz, yellow sapphire, citrine, tourmaline, yellow opal, agate

COLOR – NECTARINE – Citrus orange with a touch of coral

fire opal, amber, carnelian, topaz, fire agate, honey onyx, and spessartite, hessonite and mandarin garnets

COLOR – AFRICAN VIOLET – The shade of nature’s wild lavender

fluorite, amethyst, kunzite

COLOR – TENDER SHOOTS – Yellowish-green, like granny smith apples

peridot, serpentine, green turquoise, green chalcedony, and demantoid, grossular and tsavorite garnets

COLOR – LINEN – The color of beach sand

morganite, white turquoise, rutilated quartz, mother of pearl, coin pearls, freshwater pearls, rose quartz

COLOR – DUSK BLUE – A Summer’s sky

aquamarine, blue topaz, blue agate, larimar, blue chalcedony

COLOR – GRAYED JADE – A soft mint green

jade, amazonite, chrysoprase, greenish shades of aquamarine, chalcedony and larimar

COLOR – MONACO BLUE – A bright, deep purplish blue

sapphire, iolite, spinel, lapis lazuli, sodalite,


Have fun with your color selections this year.  Take a chance and ‘step out of the box’.  I bet you will be pleasantly surprised!!

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