United States Is Gemstone Rich

Did you know that the United States is gemstone rich?  Every state has its own special assortment of nature’s treasures.  Take North Carolina, for example.  Emerald Hollow Mine allows the public to mine for emeralds.  Love opals?  Head to Nevada.  Bonanza Opal Mine and Royal Peacock Mine let you dig your own.  Globe, Arizona has one of my favorites, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.  The mine is found in a mountain range that resembles a sleeping woman!

Mountain Range Where Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine Is Located In Globe, Arizona

For all you rockhounds out there, I thought I would compile a list of what gemstones are where.  Depending on where you live, you never know what you might dig up in your own backyard.

  • Alabama – star blue quartz, hematite, smoky quartz, blue and yellow beryl
  • Alaska – jade and white quartz
  • Arizona – turquoise, garnet, jasper, azure malachite, peridot, agatized wood (petrified wood), moissanite
  • Arkansas – diamond, agate and clear and smoky quartz
  • California – chrysoprase, turquoise, jadeite, jasper, quartz, agate, benitoite, morganite, diamond, citrine, tourmaline, californite, abalone, kunzite and pearl
  • Colorado – topaz, peridot, beryl, aquamarine, fluorite, quartz, rhodonite, pyrite, citrine, agate, amethyst, garnet, rose quartz, phenacite and diamond
  • Connecticut – tourmaline, garnet, green and yellow beryl, rose quartz
  • Delaware – pearl
  • Florida – chalcedony and conch pearl
  • Georgia – garnet, quartz, citrine, amethyst, beryl and ruby
  • Hawaii – black coral, coral and peridot
  • Idaho – opal, agate, garnet, obsidian and sapphire
  • Illinois – fluorite and pearl
  • Indiana – pearl and obsidian
  • Iowa – pearl, chalcedony and fossil coral
  • Kansas – chalcedony
  • Kentucky – freshwater pearl
  • Louisiana – chalcedony
  • Maine – beryl, tourmaline, aquamarine, rose quartz, topaz, pearl, clear and smoky quartz, ammonite and aquamarine
  • Maryland – agate, clam pearl and beryl
  • Massachusetts – rhodonite and beryl
  • Michigan – chlorastrolite (Isle Royale Greenstone), agate and hematite
  • Minnesota – chlorastrolite (Isle Royale Greenstone), agate and thomsonite
  • Mississippi – pearl and chalcedony
  • Missouri – fluorite, pearl, pyrite and calcite
  • Montana – garnet, agate, sapphire, beryl, tourmaline, amethyst, obsidian and smoky quartz
  • Nebraska – blue agate, chalcedony and pearl
  • Nevada – black fire opal, turquoise, citrine and rock crystal
  • New Hampshire – smoky quartz, garnet, beryl and rock crystal
  • New Jersey – agate, pearl, prehnite and smoky quartz
  • New Mexico – turquoise, obsidian, peridot, garnet and rock crystal
  • New York – brown tourmaline, beryl, rose quartz, fresh water pearl and garnet
  • North Carolina – smoky and clear quartz, diamond, garnet, cyanite, hiddenite, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, beryl, aquamarine, almandite and pyrope garnet, rhodolite and emerald
  • North Dakota – agate and chalcedony
  • Ohio – Ohio flint, sapphire, garnet, opal, agate, fossil coral and chalcedony
  • Oregon – sunstone, hydrolite, agate, labradorite and obsidian
  • Pennsylvania – moonstone, amethyst, almandite and pyrope garnet, beryl, sunstone
  • Rhode Island – amethyst and quartz
  • South Carolina – beryl, smoky and clear quartz
  • South Dakota – fairburn agate, beryl
  • Tennessee – river pearl
  • Texas – blue topaz, beryl, pearl and tourmaline
  • Utah – obsidian, topaz, garnet, petrified wood, jasper
  • Vermont – grossular garnet, pearl and aquamarine
  • Virginia – moonstone, beryl, amethyst and garnet
  • Washington – agate and pearl
  • West Virginia – fossil coral and quartz
  • Wisconsin – pearl and agate
  • Wyoming – jade, agate, ruby, star sapphire, bloodstone and jasper

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