You Have Breast Cancer

You have breast cancer.  These four words bring many women and men to their knees. Individuals fear the loss of body image, chemo, surgery and death.  Approximately 250,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in women, while about 2,500 cases are diagnosed in men.  While breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, lung cancer is the most common cause of death, with breast cancer coming in second.  The vast majority of women with breast cancer have no family history.  Aside from being female, age plays the biggest risk factor.

There are many medications that are successful in treating early-stage breast cancer. However, there is no cure for individuals diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer.

Although the cause of breast cancer is unknown, research continues in the quest for the cure.  The best advise out there is to do all you can to stay healthy.  Here are a few:

-limit amount of alcohol intake

-stay active

-live green (avoid chemicals in cleaners, makeup, lawn products, etc.)

-eliminate hormone therapy (or lower dose as much as you can)

-screening (mammograms, ultrasound)


Breast Cancer Charm Bracelet

Now for some fun facts about boobs!

-The Guinness World Record for having the largest set of breasts goes to Sheyla Hershey of Brazil.  After more than a gallon of silicone and nine surgeries, her breast size is 38KKK.

-No one knows why, but the left breast tends to be bigger than the right.

-You can wear a bra to sleep, it does not cause breast cancer.

-Hey guys, anyone out there want a degree in ‘bra studies’?  You can get one at the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong.

-Your breasts contain no muscle tissue.  The only way to make your breasts look firmer and more uplifted  is to exercise the pectoral muscles underneath your breast tissue. Sorry ladies, but that means lots and lots of bench presses and dumbbell flys!

-Sleeping on your breasts can stretch the tissue and cause sagging.  Experts out there recommend that you sleep on your side and if you have large breasts, support them with a pillow.

-Guess what ladies?  Those tortuous devices we call bras were not invented by a man, but by a French woman named Herminie Cadolle in 1889.  Thanks alot Herminie:(

-Have you ever noticed that most animals, like cats, dogs, and other mammals, have swollen or enlarged breasts only when pregnant or nursing?  Once their done feeding their offspring, their breasts go flat.  Human females, however, are the only mammals whose breasts are visible throughout maturity.


Again, while age is said to be the biggest risk factor, talk to your doctor about your family history.  Tell them about any cancers in your family and try to get screened as early as you can.  Take charge of your breast health!!




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