Bowling Balls Upcycled

Bowling balls upcycled is a fairly new phenomenon today.  They are not just for the bowling alley anymore.  You could say that they are in a ‘league’ of their own!

Here’s a little history about the bowling ball.  C’mon, you know your curious!  Ancient Egyptians invented the game.  Their bowling balls were carved out of stone.  Later, during the 1900’s, balls were made of wood and then rubber.  It was around 1960 when bowling ball manufacturers started using polyester resin which enabled the production of plastic balls with bright, sparkling colors.  Evidently, you can now add a ‘scent’ to your bowling ball that is guaranteed to last ten years and will refresh your bowling shoes when they are placed with your ball in your bowling bag!

As I have worked in the jewelry industry, I have come upon many unique manmade materials. Leland Blue Stone and Fordite are great examples of these which are being repurposed into beautiful artwork and jewelry.


Matt Cole Bracelet

Just recently, I encountered a few very talented artists who have made a business out of recycling bowling balls.  Matt Cole,, makes beautiful jewelry from the colorful ‘faux gemstone’ outer shells of the balls.   And then Andree Le Blanc, lagniappe, has the most stunning gazing balls that you will ever find.  And guess what, they will not blow away!

Gazing Ball Garden Tower by Andree Le Blanc

I also was a league bowler from the age of 10 through 16.  Being that my family was strapped for cash, my father purchased me a used blue swirl bowling ball.  We were fairly lucky that the finger holes were only a ‘little’ too big. The ball weighed in at 14 pounds. Let alone hold it, I could hardly throw it.  There was never a risk of losing or mixing up my ball with the other bowlers, ‘Mrs. Tank’ was clearly engraved on the ball!

It’s wonderful that so many artists are letting their creative side show!!  In the past, so many were worried about negative feedback.  But not today!  Who knows what will be upcycled next!

Oh, and by the way, is anyone interested in my ‘Mrs. Tank’ ball?  Just kidding!!!


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