Swarovski Crystal Goes Green!

Swarovski crystal goes green!!  Swarovski has always provided us with the finest quality lead crystal that is precision cut and has unparalleled brilliance. Recently, there has been an increased regulatory focus on potential human exposure to lead from various consumer products, including jewelry.Crystal has unique properties.  The crystal manufacturing process creates a matrix which inhibits the mobility of lead.  In other words, lead is bound into the structure of the crystal. Because of this structure, lead crystal poses no significant risk of excessive lead exposure to human health via surface contact – hand to mouth, mouthing, or even ingestion.  Indeed, Swarovski crystals have been tested under a variety of test methods for extractable lead.  Test conditions and procedures do vary, but lead levels are well below regulatory limits even when the crystal is tested in an acid solution to maximize the release of lead” (Source: www.i-kandi.com/Swarovski).

Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Beads

Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Beads

Now, with their unrivaled research and development, Swarovski has expanded their product line to offer a lead-free, sustainable crystal.  This new innovative crystal is called Advanced Crystal.

Swarovski has done extensive research for the past ten years to bring this high degree of technology to us.  A patent has been granted in the United States and 16 European countries for Swarovski’s new crystal formula.

One of my favorite things to do is create one-of-a-kind Swarovski jewelry pieces.  Because Swarovski takes its responsibility to its customers and consumers so seriously, I am proud to utilize their products.  For more information on the history of Swarovski, click here.



The Jasper Called Malachite

The jasper called Malachite is one of the most beautiful jaspers in the world.  Malachite is a banded semi-precious stone with wonderful green hues.  Malachite is composed of copper carbonate hydroxide.  It gets its warm colors from the element copper.

Rough Malachite

Rough Malachite

It has been found in Russia; Timna Valley, Israel; Zimbabwe; Broken Hill, New South Wales; Tsumeb, Namibia; England; Lyon, France; the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Zambia; Mexico; Arizona and Arkansas in the United States.  There is archeological proof that malachite has been mined at Timna Valley in Israel for more than 3,000 years.

Malachite has also been found as a semi-permanent pigment in Egyptian tomb paintings and European paintings in the 15th and 16th century.  Malachite is very possibly the oldest green pigment known.

While not a hard stone, it scores 3.5-4.0 on Moh’s hardness scale, it takes a wonderful polish.

Major uses for Malachite are jewelry and ornamental stone, such as vases and sculptures, emblems, electronics, ammunition, autos, coins, and more.

Swanstrom Disc Cutter

Short and sweet, the Swanstrom Disc Cutter is a seriously clever little tool.  Each set features a spring-loaded die plate made of shock-resistant, tempered and hardened tool steel.  Made in the USA, this is one superior quality product that every jeweler should have on their bench.

Swanstrom Round Disc Cutter Set

I heed and hawed around before purchasing my set.  They are not cheap.  But the time I have saved with these quality cutters is worth every penny I spent.  This was an investment well-worth making!  As my Dad always said, you get what you pay for.

Now I am the proud owner of three sets; the circular, the square and the oval set.  I hope to add additional shape sets in the future.  When using your disc cutter, make sure you have a urethane pad underneath the set to absorb the blow from the 2 pound brass-head mallet you will be using to hit the cutters.  This will protect the cutters and work surface resulting in a sharp, crisp cut every time.

Brass Hammer

I also rub a little Bur Life on the bottom of my cutters.  It makes for smoother cuts and less friction on the cutters.  It comes in stick, paste and liquid.  I prefer the stick.

Bur Life Lubricant

Make sure to include the Swanstrom Center Positioning Die Set with your purchase. There is a coordinating die set for each disc cutter set.  These dies make center positioning a breeze!

Swanstrom Center Positioning Die Set – Round